Culinary Experience

In collaboration with Chef Nelly Robinson

Welcome aboard The Jackson, where we invite you to indulge in a dining experience curated by one of Australia’s leading chefs, Nelly Robinson. We are delighted to collaborate with Chef Nelly, whose renowned expertise and creative flair have brought a fresh, imaginative touch to our latest Menu Collection.

The Culinary Experience

Together with The Jackson, he has crafted a menu that not only delights the palate but also tells a captivating story, focusing upon sustainable seafood, is conscious of food miles, features native Australian foods and flavours and showcases the premium quality of NSW and Australian produce. Join us for this luxurious culinary experience and savour the unique creations of Chef Nelly Robinson.

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Host your event onboard Sydney's most luxurious superyacht, whether you're hosting a chic cocktail affair, a glamorous gala dinner or looking to showcase the best of Australia to guests. The Jackson offers a unique and unparalleled event experience with panoramic views of stunning Sydney Harbour.
The Canape Menu
The Banquet Menu
A Taste of Australia Menu

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